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Suburban Fresh Start helps people buy a car with bad credit everyday. When you have bad credit and are trying to get a bad credit auto loan there are a few things that you should know about the process, especially if this is the first time you are buying a car with bad credit.

If you have a good credit rating you rarely need money down, nor do you have to prove the accuracy of the items on the auto credit application that the lender reviewed. The approval is based on the excellent credit history of the car buyer.

When your credit, on the other hand, is bad, you are required to prove most of the items, and it is also often required that money down is need to maintain a low loan to value ratio. Most special finance auto loan companies only want to lend money to the borrower for the price of the car, rarely will they go over the price of the car and loan money for government fees and taxes. A good rule of thumb when buying a car with bad credit is to have around a thousand dollars cash money or trade equity to cover these fees.

In addition to money down, bad credit car buyers also have to prove where they live and how much they earn. For most people this requires a recent utility bill and a pay stub. For self employed borrowers two years tax returns prepared by a professional agency usually does the trick.

For those that cannot prove their income we also have the guaranteed credit approval program. With the guaranteed credit approval program the vehicle qualifies for a specific loan amount based on the value of the collateral.

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