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Everybody wants the vehicle of their dreams, but they at a price that fits their budget. Everybody also knows that when it comes to financing that car of their dreams you need to have perfect credit right? Wrong.

That may have been the case in the past, but with guaranteed credit approval, virtually anyone can drive away in the perfect vehicle at a price that won break the bank. Bad credit auto loans are not a new concept, although the concept of getting a high valued, newer vehicle is something that many consumers do not know about. The best some people think they can do is an auto loan modification with bad credit, and then they e still driving the same car they had before.

Guaranteed credit approval is for every credit score

100 percent approval cheap car lotsGuaranteed credit approval bad credit auto loans ensure that everyone can have the car that they want. It doesn no matter what your credit situation is or has been in the past. Some of the credit situations Suburban Fresh Start can work around include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Student Loan Debt
  • Divorce
  • Repossessions

We look at all of the circumstances surrounding the problems your are experiencing. We don just look at your poor credit score and say no. As long as you are a US citizen who has at least $1400 in verifiable monthly income before taxes, you too can get into the car, truck or SUV that you have always thought was out of your reach. Thats 100% approval guaranteed.

Bad credit auto loans vs cheap car lots

Many consumers have associated bad credit auto loans with smaller, cheap car lots known as buy here pay here used car dealerships. The truth is these two sellers actually have very little in common. For starters, when you go to a buy here pay here lot you will likely pay an extremely high interest rate, short payoff term with high monthly payments.

When you get a bad credit car loan through Suburban Fresh Start, you will pay a higher, but reasonable interest rate with a longer term and payments that fit your budget. The fact is, when you drive off the lot in a buy here pay here lot, they have already made their money back on that vehicle. This means that your failure is their gain as they will be able to collect another down payment and more payments if they need to come repossess the vehicle. On the other side, when you have an auto loan that specializes in credit problems, we are here to help you gain financial independence and get your credit back on track. We want you to succeed.

Why don you get started down the path to a Fresh Start today? Just fill out our online auto loan pre-approval for pre-approval to find out how much you can borrow.

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